Kazuo Kawasaki 718 Eyeglasses


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Kawasaki Clip-ons (K-Klips)

The Kazuo Kawasaki K-Klips are polarized two-piece sun clips that can be customized to fit any Kazuo Kawasaki rimless frame. So don't forget to order your K-Klips when ordering prescription lenses with us. Selected colors include backside Zeiss GET/SET coatings which elimate reflections, reduce eye strain, improve transparency, and provide superior scratch and smudge resistance. Backside anti-reflective coating is available for all other colors for an additional fee.

Zeiss Gold ET (GET):  Includes Clean Coat hydrophobic coating. Golden color accents gold frames and tawny skin tones. Performs best at twilight.

Zeiss Super ET (SET):  Includes Clean Coat hydrophobic coating. Effective throughout the entire visible spectrum. Consistent blue-green residual reflection. Superior performance at night and day.

NOTE: Kawasaki K-Klips are an accessory that only fit with Kazuo Kawasaki rimless frames. If ordering separately, you must send us your current eyeglasses for a custom fit.

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