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All Kazuo Kawasaki rimless frames can be modified by selecting a different lens shape (there are over 140 lens shapes available).  The lens shape shown here is GN.  Please remember to type your preferred lens shape & size in the Lens Shape box below.  Please call if you need assistance.  View All Kawasaki Lens Shapes
Prescription Lenses
Prescription Lenses If you require prescription lenses, please note that this frame requires special mounting that not all local opticians can handle. We use one of the few select labs that can make your eyeglasses with exquisite craftsmanship. If you choose to order your lenses with us, then the lens price will include the custom mounting fee and edge polish (a $40 value). Please also note that plastic lenses are not recommended for this frame.
100% Authentic All Kazuo Kawasaki eyeglasses we offer at are guaranteed to be 100% authentic designer eyewear and come with an original Kazuo Kawasaki case. All our products are always brand new and free of defects.
Edge Type
Rimless - Drill Mount
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$259.95 $400.00

Available Options

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Eye SizeBridge SizeTemple Size
For Sarah Palin's lens shape, type SP-51  (View All Kawasaki Lens Shapes)