Plastic Bifocals


Polycarbonate Bifocals

Trivex Bifocals

  • Trivex lenses are recommended for prescriptions up to -3.00 or up to +3.00.
  • Trivex is stronger, clearer, and lighter than polycarbonate.
  • Trivex is clearer than polycarbonate because it minimizes distortion called "chromatic aberration", which is distortion that occurs when objects are viewed away from the optical center.
  • Trivex originally revolutionalized sports eyewear but its benefits have drawn over into everyday applications for people who will accept no sacrifice in durability, weight, impact resistance, or high quality vision.
  • Trivex lenses are recommended for children, sports wearers, safety glasses, and rimless frames.
  • We can also place lenses into your existing frame.

Available Options


​We will need a copy of your current prescription.