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Manufacturer Image  Trivex Lenses  $100.00 
Trivex Lenses

Trivex is a new lens material that has become the best thing that has ever happened to sports eyewear. Originally developed for military applications, Trivex is stronger, clearer, and lighter than polycarbonate. Most importantly for sports applications, Trivex minimizes distortion called "chromatic aberration", which is distortion that occurs when objects are viewed away from the optical center. This has drawn over into everyday applications for people who will accept no sacrifice in durability, weight, impact resistance, or high quality vision.

Chromatic aberration is best measured by its "Abbe value." In prescription eyewear, a higher Abbe value indicates less distortion as your gaze moves away from the center of the lens. Trivex has an Abbe value of 43, while polycarbonate has a value of 30. Trivex has better scratch resistance than polycarbonate. Like polycarbonate, Trivex includes 100% UV protection, and is recommended for children, sports wearers, safety glasses, and rimless frames. (Recommended prescription range: up to –3.00 or up to +3.00)

Note: Polycarbonate or Trivex lenses are required by law for children under 18, for those whose sight is limited to one eye, and to those in certain occupations which require shatter-resistant lenses including police officers and firemen.

Please don't forget to include your frame in the shopping cart. We can also place lenses into your existing frame.

Note:  Choosing a quantity of "1" refers to a PAIR of lenses (2 lenses)

Lens Type Distance Vision Only (ie. TV, driving)  
Near Vision Only (ie. reading, computer)  
Bifocals ( + $40.00 )
Trifocals ( + $120.00 )
No-line Bifocals (Progressives) ( + $150.00 )
Premium No-Line Bifocals (Digital Progressives) ( + $180.00 )
Lens Upgrade None  
Polarized Brown ( + $109.00 )
Polarized Gray ( + $109.00 )
Transitions® Brown ( + $109.00 )
Transitions® Gray ( + $109.00 )
Brown Tint ( + $15.00 )
Gray Tint ( + $15.00 )
Scratch Resistant Coating Yes (included free)  
UV Protection Yes (included free)  
Anti-Reflective Coating None  
Premium Anti-Reflective Coating ( + $65.00 )
Crizal® Avance™ with Scotchgard™ Anti-Reflective Coating ( + $120.00 )
To help process your order, please provide your prescription below:
Right Eye (OD):  
Left Eye (OS):  
Pupil Distance (PD): What is my Pupil Distance?

If you are unable to fill out the prescription form above or do not know it at this time, then you may leave the prescription fields blank. We will need to verify your prescription. You may either fax it to us, email us a SCANNED image of it, or leave us your eye doctor's phone number and we will obtain your prescription for you.

Tel: 1-888-493-2762
Fax: 1-888-763-4153 (for countries outside the US & Canada, please contact us)
Email: prescriptions@eyewearnation.com
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